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Facilities available in the Counselling Centre

Computer typing , CD writing, Project work, Malayalam DTP, Scanning Images, Photos, External question papers(previous), Computer printouts etc.

The veterinary college was to be located at Mannuthy in the central Agricultural farm of the erstwhile Travancore-state holding 450 acres of agricultural land of which 190 acres were with the Animal Husbandry Department.  Mannuthy was selected as the location of the college due to the existence of the livestock farm, Poultry farm, and nearby Veterinary Hospital Kokkalai, Thrissur which would enable the students to get the required practical training and work experience. Under the directive of the Chief Minister Sri. Panampilly govinda Menon, Hon’ble Minister Sri. A.A. Rahim took the initiative to appoint Dr.S.R. Chandran, Disease Investigation Officer (ICAR scheme) of the Department of Animal Husbandry as the special officer to look in to the preliminary organizational work of the Veterinary College directly under the government.


The available periodicals are

Arogya masika
Competition Success review
India Today
The week
Thozhil vartha
Thozhil veedhi
Employment News
Women’s Era
Bhasha poshini
Science Reporter
Info kairali- computer magazine
News paper daily
The Hindu
The Economic Times



The available library books in the Counselling Centre are:

  1. Oxford- Advanced Learner’s  Dictionary  by A.S. Hornby
  2. Cambridge- Advanced Learner’s  Dictionary 
  3. CollinsCobuild-English Grammar- John Sin clair
  4. Proper English- Ronald wardhaugh
  5. Better English Pronunciation- J.D.O. Connor
  6. International Dictionary of Phrasal verbs – Elizabeth Walter
  7. Modern essays
  8. Letter writing made simple- Margaret Mcgarthy
  9. 1001 letters for all occasions- Harish Chandra
  10. Instant Word power- Norman Lewis
  11. CSR –Top prize winning essays-Sudha
  12. How to write correct English-
  13. Synonyms and Antonyms
  14. Idioms and phrases
  15. Websters dictionary
  16. A History of India
  17. Mastermind India 3
  18. Mastermind India 4
  19. India 2020- A vision for the new millennium- A.P.J Abdul Kalam with Y.S. Rajan
  20. India- Sarina singh
  21. Indian wildlife Quiz by Deepnarayan Pandey
  22. Ignited minds- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  23. How to prepare for the TOEFL- BARRON’S- by Pamela.J. Sharpe
  24. Cracking the TOEFL
  25. Lingua TOEFL CBT
  27. Lingua vocabulary for TOEFL/IELTS
  28. Cambridge IELTS 2
  29. How to prepare for the G MAT- BARRONS
  30. GRE- prep course
  31. SSC combined main exam
  32. Sure way to pass exam
  33. MBA entrance exam
  34. Group discussions – CSR
  35. CSR year book
  36. Manorama year book
  37. Britannica ALMANAC- 2004 Encyclopaedia
  38. Anthropology- William. A. Haviland
  39. Psychology
  40. A text book of educational psychology
  41. Stress and your stomach
  42. Solving your personal problems
  43. Body language
  44. COMDEX computer course kit
  45. Internet
  46. Comdex Edutech computer knowledge Bank
  47. How to achieving personal well being
  48. How to asserting your self
  49. How to managing individual performance
  50. How to self development-building self esteem
  51. How to mastering public speaking
  52. How to self development- maximise your memory
  53. How to discovering meditation
  54. How to making decisions
  55. 101 ways to make every second count- time management
  56. The key to great leadership
  57. Handbook of time management- Graham Roberts- Phelps
  58. Improve your personality
  59. Check your IQ
  60. Great works of Rabindranath Tagore
  61. World wild life Quiz
  62. Quiz-Quest challenge
  63. Light on yoga
  64. How to get the job you want
  65. How to be your own best friend- Dr.Paul Hauck
  66. General Studies Manual- Dr.Thara Chand
  67. The Pearson General studies manual 2004
  68. Research methodology of Agriculture and allied sciences
  69. Civil services- General studies
  70. Test of reasoning- Philip.J.Carter
  71. Interviews at a glance
  72. General studies-2005
  73. CAT
  74. CDS – Brajesh Tripathy
  75. GRE- Sharon weiner Green
  76. MBA Career launcher
  77. Quantitative aptitude
  78. Non verbal reasoning-R.S. Agarwal
  79. Verbal reasoning- B.S. Sijwale
  80. CSR year book 2005- S.K. Sachdeva
  81. Manorama year book 2005-Mammen Mathew
  82. Butterflies of India
  83. General English
  84. The power of your subconscious mind- Dr.Joseph
  85. When faster harder smarter is not enough
  86. More puzzles
  87. The quick and easy way to effective speaking
  88. How to enjoy your life and your job
  89. How to develop a super power memory- Harry Lorane
  90. The leader in you- Dale Carnegie
  91. General knowledge and interviews- Manoj Sharma
  92. How to develop self confidence
  93. Light the fire in your heart
  94. How to change the world- David Bornstein
  95. The ESPN sports Quiz Book-2  Joy Bhattacharya
  96. You can fail- Srinivas R Kandula
  97. Talk your way to the top- Kevin Daleyand Laura Daley
  98. The Bharat Ratnas    - Sushama Suresh
  99. Define GRE – Akanksha Jain Garg
  100. 100.The complete guide to TOEFL test- Bruce Rojers
  101. Barrons Toefl IBT- Pamela J.Sharpe
  102. General studies Manual- Dr.Tara Chand
  103. GRE Exam premier program- Eric Goodman, Bob verini
  104. The Pearson guide to M.B.A. Entrance Exam (Edgar Thorpe and Showick Thorpe)
  105. Quantitative Aptitude  (Dinesh Khattar)
  106. Quantitative Ability
  107. General Studies Manual (Tata Mc Graw – Hill’s 2001 edn)
  108. G-MAT Cracking the G-MAT 2007 edn
  109. The General Knowldedge Manual 2005
  110. CAT Basic reference Material Part A
  111. How to read better and faster (Norman Lewis)
  112. The Mega B School Guide
  113. CAT Topic wise solved papers
  114. Current Affair
  115. Course in mental ability and quantitative aptitude
  116. Dictionary of synonyms and Antonyms
  117. Objective Mathematics (IIT screening)  (S.K. Goyal)
  118. More puzzles (Shakuntala Devi)
  119. How to do well in GDS and interviews
  120. Advanced General English
  121. Reference year book (Derek O’Braine)
  122. Cracking the CAT (Prof. Jagdeep Vaishnav)
  123. G-MAT prep course
  124. MBA Master key to MBA entrance exam 2001
  125. IMS achievers workshop
  126. English usage IMS
  127. Group discussion and personal interviews IMS I
  128. CAT 2005
  129. Manhattan G-MAT
  130. Quantitative review
  131. G-mat review
  132. Mega B School Guide (The Princeton review)
  133. G-critical reasoning
  134. Analysis of issue and argument for G-Mat
  135. SIM CAT I
  136. CAT Classic
  137. CAT 2006
  138. CAT part C
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